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Will Report Pundit allow me to access all the reports available on Shopify admin even if I’m on any Shopify plan?

Yes! Report pundit will provide detail and summary of the reports that are available on Shopify admin. If you need a unique report, then our live chat and support team will create the reports for free.

Does the 14-day trial allow me to access all features or only the basic plan features?

Yes, the 14-day trial account will provide access to all the features. After the trial account ends, you can select a plan to continue using Report Pundit.

What is a Pre-created report? Can I edit a pre-created report?

Pre-created reports are report formats that we have created for other users of Report Pundit. There are more than 80 pre-created reports from sales, inventory, product, tax, Shopify payments payout reconciliation, marketing, transaction and draft orders.

You can also edit a pre-created report. Click any one of the pre-created reports from the Report Pundit dashboard. You will be directed to the “Report Designer” page. In the “Report Designer” page, you can edit the pre-created report as per your requirement.

What is the difference between “Detailed report” and “Summary Report”?

Detailed Reports will display the columns in the order it is selected. For example, you can use this format to view order level or product level data.

Summary Reports will summarize the data into groups. For example, you can see the summary of sales by country. Here, you will see the list of countries on the left panel and the sales amount in the right panel.

You can also summarize data by adding additional columns. Like a summary of sales, taxes, refunds, discounts, shipping, net sales, total sales in one report.

Summarized data will look similar to a Pivot table in Microsoft Excel.

What is a Row group and Column group?

In summary reports, you can see the Row and Column groups.

The Row group is used to see the selected field(s) by rows in horizontal format.

And the Column group is used to see the selected field(s) by columns in vertical format.

Report Pundit gives you the flexibility to slice and dice your data using the powerful “Row” or “Column” group feature. For example, it will be useful for an online kitchen to see the orders by menu in the row group and the food type (appetizer, main course, dessert) in the column group.

How long will it take to fully sync the store data?

It will take time based on the amount of data in your Shopify store. For example, if you have 100 orders a month, it will sync in few minutes.

Report Pundit will start syncing the latest information (orders and products), and then it will work on syncing the older information.

It will sync the order and product information first, and then it will sync the transaction data, collections, images etc.

But this is a one-time process after you install the app. Once the information is synced, Report Pundit can export reports and dashboards instantly.

How can I export reports?

You can export reports and data using any of the 5 modes below:

Email – Report Pundit can export reports to multiple email addresses. You can also add email addresses as copy (cc) or blind copy (bcc).

FTP – The report can be exported at a scheduled time to an FTP location. You can also give export to an FTP location with a static file name.

Google Drive – Export to a Google Drive either as a new file created each time or overwrite an existing file.

Google Sheets – Exporting to Google Sheets can be in 3 different ways. Either by creating a new sheet in a Google Sheets file or by overwriting an existing Google Sheets file. Finally, you can append (add) new data at the bottom of existing Google Sheets data.

HTML Link – You can also export to a HTML and you can share the URL. The reports are automatically overwritten in the HTML link according to the schedule.

What formats can I export the data?

Report Pundit can export your data and reports in Excel and CSV format. We can also export to Google Sheets and append to existing Google Sheets data.

Can I view and download historical sales data using Report Pundit?

Yes! You can view and download historical sales data by using Report Pundit.

Once you select the required fields, Report Pundit will show the sales data from the day you started your store. Report pundit will automatically update new data.

You can export historical sales data, by selecting the required date range or by selecting the range by years.

How to uninstall Report Pundit?

Report Pundit can be uninstalled from your Shopify admin by clicking “Apps” in the left menu. Then, you can uninstall by simply clicking the trash icon next to the app name.

What is a Custom report? Can I create a custom report?

Custom report is a report that you can create from scratch based on your unique need. It will take few minutes to create a custom report. You can filter or sort the data.

On the Report Pundit dashboard, Click the “Create Custom Report” button in the report section:

Select the report type. There are report types like Sales, Tax, Inventory, Fulfilment, Marketing, Payout and much more.

If you need any help in creating custom reports, then you can contact us through live chat support.

Can Report Pundit pull Data like line item properties & metafields from other Shopify apps?

Yes! We have line item properties, tags and metafields for order, product and customer.

Report Pundit can also retrieve data like delivery date, delivery time, delivery slot, custom checkout fields data. These fields are stored by other apps in line item properties or metafields.

Can I customize my active schedule by changing time and frequency? How do I change my email address and file format?

Report pundit has the option to change the schedule time and frequency for an existing active schedule.

To make changes to the existing schedule, click on “Schedules”:

Now click the edit button for the schedule you want to modify:

Once you click the “Edit” button, Report Pundit will navigate to the next page, where you can see different schedule frequency options:

For example, if you like to change the schedule from hourly to weekly, then you can select the weekly frequency option, and click “Save and continue” button.

Now, the app will navigate to the next page, where you can set the delivery time, and choose the preferred day of the week:

After setting the time and day, click the “Save and continue” button, to navigate to the next page where you can edit the recipient email address and file format:

Once you have edited the recipient email address and file format, click “Save and continue” button to save the schedule.

Is there a discount for installing Report Pundit in multiple shops?

If Report Pundit is installed in 5 different stores, the 5th installed store is free.

How can I filter data by using Report Pundit?

Report Pundit has a flexible filter feature, which you can use to filter a specific order, product, variant, tag, collection etc.

The feature has different filter criteria like: Contain, Does not contain, Beings with, Ends with, Include, Exclude, Is and Is not.

You can add multiple filters, and chose any one of these criteria to filter your reports.

For example, you can filter reports to see the total sales for a particular product or variant.

Or filter product tags and collections, by using a specific word.

With the filter feature, you can customize reports to meet your requirements.